The role of nuclear power after Fukushima

March 15th and 16th 2012

MINES ParisTech, Sophia Antipolis, France


  • Jusen Asuka (Tohoku University, IGES) : Energy and climate policies in Japan after Fukushima [PDF]
  • Teng Fei (Tsinghua University) : China’s Nuclear Development Strategy before and After Fukushima [PDF]
  • Eric Lee William (IAEA) : Nuclear Power and Climate Change [PDF]
  • François LÉVÊQUE (MINES ParisTech) : What changes in probability of major nuclear accidents the Fukushima events entail? [PDF]
  • Paul DODDS (UCL) : The future of nuclear power in the UK [PDF]
  • Nadia MAÏZI (MINES ParisTech) : Future challenges for the French power generation paradigm: reliability versus low-carbon issues [PDF]
  • Markus BLESL (IER) : The role of technologies and structural changes in the energy system of the EU 27 to achieve the long term greenhouse gas reduction target of 80% [PDF]
  • Didier BEUTIER (AREVA) : AREVA’s vision of the Global Nuclear Market [PDF]

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