Seminar of the Chair Prospective Modeling

May 31st, 2012 – 10am-12pm – Tropical Garden Campus, Indochine room

The MPDD Chair is organizing a seminar on the challenges of bioenergy in long-term prospective energy/climate scenarios. Researchers from the Chair’s two founding laboratories, the CIRED and the CMA, in association with the LEO (University of Orléans) will present the results of model studies that highlight both the potential of this technology and the limits in terms of costs and impacts on land use in the face of the 2°C climate constraint.

Program [French]

  • Global and network potentials of bioelectricity with carbon storage. Sandrine SELOSSE (CMA/MPDD Chair) and Olivia RICCI (LEO University of Orleans) [PDF] (French)
  • Ambitious climate policies in a second-tier world: negative emissions and technology options in the power sector. Ruben BIBAS and Aurélie MEJEAN (CIRED/Chaire MPDD) [PDF] (French)
  • Impact of bioenergy production on long-term land use. Thierry BRUNELLE (CIRED/Chaire MPDD) [PDF (French)