July 3rd, 2017 from 2 pm to 6 pm – AgroParisTech-ENGREF – 19 avenue du Maine, Paris (Amphithéâtre 7)

How to trigger the Low-Carbon transition in an uncertain economic context based on the achievements of the Paris Agreement even after the statement of Donald Trump to withdraw the US? How in particular trigger the massive redirections of global savings to which Article 2 of this agreement calls?

CIRED and the prospective modeling chair for sustainable development, in cooperation with France-Stratégie and net LCS-R network, are pleased to invite you to reflect on this theme from the report of the High Level Commission on Carbon Prices, coordinated by Nick Stern and Joe Stiglitz.

This report has the merit of indicating how to reduce the gap between the economic and social value on which a world carbon price should be aligned and the real prices that are applicable in the current reality of the world economy. It opens the way for several forms of ‘carbon price’ and a reflection on the link between explicit carbon prices and climate finance mechanisms. Pryadarshi Shukla, the current co-chair of IPCC Group 3 and Emilio La Rovere (UFRJ / Coppe-Brazil), two of the report’s authors, will help us draw the strategic implications.


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