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ESTAP webinar:

Resilience and sustainability of power systems with high shares of renewables

January 13th 2022, 16:00 – 18:30 CET

As part of the webinar series « Integrating Sustainable Development Goals Into Energy Systems Modelling » organized by the ETSAP, the CMA has hosted a webinar on the Resilience and sustainability of power systems with high shares of renewables.

About the webinar

The provision of reliable, secure and affordable electricity is essential to power economic growth and development. The drop in the cost of renewable technologies makes them an increasingly viable option. Moving towards a weather-dependent electricity generation raises resilience issues against supply disruptions, while backup storage systems depend on critical supplies of rare-earth materials.

This webinar aims to give a better understanding of how resilience can be achieved in future power systems with high shares of renewables to ensure affordable and sustainable electricity supply while at the same time mitigating criticalities in supply chains of materials. Three of the top modelling teams share insights on methodologies and data about integrating resilience and sustainability indicators of renewable energy technologies into energy systems models.

  • Kirsten HALSNÆS; DTU, IPCC Coordinating Lead Author: State of the art on synergies and tradeoffs between SDG’s and renewable energy implementation –robust evidence and research ideas
  • Vincent MAZAURIC; Schneider Electric: Reconciling reliability and sustainability: some thermodynamics insights dedicated to the integration of renewables in the power system
  • Gondia Sokhna SECK; IFPEN: Raw materials with a high share of low-carbon energy technologies for the energy transition
  • Moderator: Nadia Maïzi, Mines Paris – PSL, IPCC Lead Author

Watch the Webinar
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