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Side event: Green hydrogen: how to reconcile North/South stakes in the development of the future market

November 16th – 11:30 – 13:00 – Room THUTMOSE and online

This side event is organized by ParisTech, through its Chair Prospective modeling for sustainable development directed by the Centre for Applied Mathematics (CMA) from Mines Paris – PSL and the CIRED, and the Center for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE).

Green hydrogen could take an important place in the global energy mix and be the key to achieving carbon neutrality within the next three decades. New geopolitics is emerging with several countries developing ambitious development strategies to become major suppliers of the future market. But what about the countries of the Middle East and Mediterranean region, for example, which are at the heart of the geopolitics of oil, but whose energy dependency factors could be profoundly changed by the rise of hydrogen? The objective of this side event is to discuss how to reconcile the North/South stakes in the development of the future green hydrogen market.

  • Nadia MAÏZI | Mines Paris – PSL; Lead author IPCC

  • Marcelo POPPE | CGEE

  • Roland ROESCH | IRENA
  • Jakub Piotr CHELSTOWSKI | ENVE Commission of the European Committee of the Regions

This side event, which aims to provide a forum for high-quality exchanges to establish a dialogue between policy makers, experts and scientists. Beyond this side event will contribute to the reflection on the direction of public and private strategies, in an accompanying process of climate negotiations.

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