April 26th, 2017 – From 5pm to 7pm – Bâtiment Indochine du Jardin Tropical de Paris – 45bis, Avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, Nogent sur Marne

On the occasion of the last meeting of the 33rd round of the Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) on large scale biomass energy scenarios, CIRED, with the support of the Chair MPDD, organizes a round table on Wednesday 26 April at 5pm in the Indochina building of the Jardin Tropical de Paris.

EMF is an international energy-economy model intercomparison project led by John Weyant of Stanford University. It brings together the main teams working on these topics in the world (IAASA, PIK, NIES).

The round table will allow EMF 33 coordinators (John Weyant, Steve Rose and Nico Bauer) to present the overall approach as well as a number of results already published by the group’s participants. The aim will be to inform the different research communities of the work carried out by the EMF. We will then open the discussion to a panel of experts and the room to gather feedback and consider follow-up and connections with other ongoing activities (IPBES, IPCC, 4 per 1000 etc.).

The panel of experts will be composed of: Philippe Ciais (CEA / LSCE), Denis Couvet (Museum of Natural History), Stéphane de Cara (INRA / Ecopub), Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED), Jean-François Soussana (INRA).