The aim of the Chair is to facilitate exchanges on the insights that prospective modeling can provide. It will pursue this objective by organizing two annual days to report on work in progress, including one in partnership with sponsoring partners, and Seminars open to the scientific community, industrial players, public adinistrations, parliamentarians, trade union and association leaders on sustainable development issues (shifting technical constraints, sectoral interactions, macroeconomic policies). Some of these seminars will constitute IPCCmilestones thanks to the presence of four members of the Chair in Group III of the Sixth Report (AR6). These seminars will host “Prospective France” forums accompanying the debates on the application of the energy transition lawand allowing a discussion of the scenarios mobilized by the administration with counterpoints provided by the scenarios of the Chair’s teams or other teams. Some of these forumswill be workshops for exchanges between the teams involved in prospective modeling in different sectors (energy, transport, agriculture) in order to clarify the conditions for a good use of the models in their current state of development and to discuss the methodological obstacles to be removed.

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