The Prospective Modeling Platform aims to facilitate exchange and confrontation between modeling teams, departments and partners of the Chair around the insights that prospective modeling can bring about public policies related to energy transition in France. To achieve that, different seminars and workshops are organized each year enabling methodological prospective advances.

The workshops focus on the key controversies about the physical, technical and economic constraints of this transition and how public policies can integrate them, in order to maximize the economic and social benefits of this transition. They provide support for the prospective evaluation of the impacts of the measures reported in the bi-annual reports (AME and AMS scenarios) of the DGEC in liaison with the ADEME, and the five-year monitoring of GHG emissions under the MMR Regulation.

These half-day seminars are organized on a multi-year basis inviting all the French modeling teams, experts from the partners of the Chair and French ministries as well as international organizations based in Paris (IEA, OECD, UNEP).