The core of the MPDD Chair remains the construction of digital tools within the two teams (IMACLIM, MARKAL-Times, NEDUM etc.) capable of producing coherent images of the future and of transition paths to these images. This involves the articulation of technical system optimization models and general equilibrium models to represent within the same framework models of human activities generally developed separately (energy, transport, land use), as well as work on different geographical scales. The challenge is not that of seeking a complete model which, like a “map at scale 1” would be illusory, but that of seeking coherence at the levels of analysis relevant to the subjects dealt with, on condition that rigorous multi-scale treatment is applied.

Here is a selection of our studies :
  • TIMES-France: development of the French version of the TIMES model to assess the implications of the different energy scenarios in France
  • TIAM-FR: development of the French version of the global model TIAM to develop scenarios of carbon constraint and of technological deployments in France
  • Interactive carbon tax tool: a new platform to understand the fundamental mechanisms triggered by carbon taxation and climate finance
  • MCOPM Platform: development of a centralized archiving tool for the Markal/TIMES models
  • IMACLIM-country: in order to facilitate the extension of IMACLIM to a new regional scale, an effort to rationalize the tool, initially IMACLIM-S, was carried out with the IMACLIM-country platform