June 13, 2016 – From 6 pm to 7:30 pm – AgroParisTech – 16 Rue Claude Bernard, Paris

On the occasion of their coming to CIRED, the Chair MPDD organizes an exchange meeting with the two new co-chairs of IPCC Group 3 on the future of climate policies after COP21 and the role of scientists and the IPCC in this new context. The introductory session with presentations by Jim Skea and Shukla Priyadarshi will be followed by a debate moderated by Jean-Charles Hourcade (CIRED) with the participation of Michel Colombier (IDDRI), Paul Watkinson (Department), Dominique Bureau (CGDD) , Jean-Yves Caneill (EDF) and Pierre Ducret (CDC).

We invited scientists, business representatives, NGOs, government officials and journalists to the meeting.