Evaluation of policies to reduce CO2 emissions – Analysis of vulnerability to heatwaves (ANR VURCA project)

October 16th 2012 – 9:30am-5pm – Tropical Garden Campus, Indochine room, Nogent-sur-Marne

This conference is co-organized by the ANR Vurca and the Prospective Modeling Chair.

Sustainable development and the fight against climate change are a major challenge for the cities of tomorrow. Urban policies must now address the following issues:

  • How to reduce CO2 emissions in the city?
  • How can cities adapt to future heat waves?

Research is now providing food for thought on these issues thanks to digital tools that take into account the interactions between urban forms, economic logics, energy practices and climate change. This event, co-organized by the ANR VURCA programme and the Prospective Modeling Chair, is aimed at all urban stakeholders: operational, scientific and public decision-makers.

Program [FRENCH]

  • Cities, city systems and economic growth: application to climate policy analysis. (Cédric ALLIO, CIRED) [PDF] (French)
  • Urban form and transport-related energy consumption: a comparison of European metropolises. (Florent LE NECHET, LVMT) [PDF] (French)
  • The costs of reducing CO2 emissions from transport: a transport urban planning model with Tranus of the Grenoble urban region – ANR Aetic project. (Matthieu SAUJOT, IDDRI) [PDF] (French)
  • An innovative urban planning policy: the under-density payment. Potential impacts on the Paris conurbation. (Paulo AVNER, CIRED)[PDF] (French)