Determinants of costs for the low-carbon transition in prospective models

Thursday, March 5th 2020 from 2pm to 5pm

MINES ParisTech, 60 Boulevard Saint Michel, 75006 Paris, salle Vendôme

Program [ENGLISH]

  • Feedback on the Commission on carbon abatement cost, FRANCE STRATÉGIE [PDF] (French)
  • Cost Determinants in Macroeconomic Models: Illustration with the ThreeME Model, Frédéric REYNES [PDF] (French)
  • Links between technical, macroeconomic and social costs with the IMACLIM model, Jean-Charles HOURCADE, Frédéric GHERSI,  Julien LEFÈVRE [PDF] (French)
  • Counterpoints, FRANCE STRATÉGIE [PDF] (French)