Energy transition: no waste left behind!

Thursday, September 28th 2017 from 9am to 5pm – MINES ParisTech, Sophia Antipolis

The students of the OSE Advanced Master, members of the Association Event OSE, are proud to co-organize with the Chair MPDD a Congress on the theme of energy recovery from waste which will be an opportunity to exchange ideas around its concept, its applications and its stakes. Those are many questions that will enable us to draw up a stock take on the valorization of waste in the energy transition. Two local projects will also be highlighted: the valorization of laboratory waste and a case study of anaerobic digestion in a goat farm in Valbonne.

This event has received the support of the CASA, the Community of Agglomeration Sophia Antipolis.

Image credit: © Mastère OSE

9h – Opening

Introduction by Marc Daunis, Senator, Vice-President of the CASA, Member of the Valbonne City Council

Host: Sébastien ROSE, GRTgaz

Waste, a global resource – Léa TATRY (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [French]

Zoom: the situation in the PACA Region – Communication by Nicolas OUDART, Région PACA (PDF) [FRENCH]

Are policies adapted to the issue?

What legislative framework and policies should be set for implementing energy recovery from waste? – Geoffrey ORLANDO and Gildas SIGGINI (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]

The consumer’s eco-contribution – Dimitra IGNATIADIS (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]

What are the energy recovery methods today?

Direct methods – Yanis HIRIDJEE and Quentin SOUVESTRE (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF)[FRENCH]

Zoom: presentation of a case-study: the chèvrerie de Valbonne project- Jean BERTIN (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) and intervention by the Valbonne Sophia Antipolis City Council (PDF)

Energy savings through the valorization of organic matter – Amine EL MOUSSAOUI and Alejandro YOUSEF DA SILVA (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]

Industrial ecology and its application – Adnane BAIZ and Michaël CHAN (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]

Future, issues and controversies

Will the future of new processes be bright? Micro sea-weeds, P2G, gasification… – Baptiste CALMETTE and Sami GHARDADDOU (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]

Zoom: energy recovery from laboratories’ waste – Emilie DEMOINET (Institut Valrose Biologie) (PDF)[FRENCH]

Rare earth, a key issue for the development of renewable energies? – Thibaud ROY (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]

A not that green energy? Controversies and paradoxes – Apolline FAURE and Cécilia REILHAN (MINES ParisTech, CMA, MS OSE) (PDF) [FRENCH]


12h30 – 14h00 Lunch break

Round table 1 : « Waste and territories,  how to reach the objective of energy recovery from waste: which resources, which valorizations, which intergration issues? »

Animation : Apolline FAURE, Advanced Master OSE, MINES ParisTech, CMA


Round table 2 : « What networks can bring to energy recovery from waste »

Animation : Baptiste CALMETTE, Advanced Master OSE, MINES ParisTech, CMA


16h30 – Closing statement

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