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Side event: Beyond the financial crisis: Regional energy policy and global carbon constraints

In order to assure its international visibility, the Chair Prospective Modellng for Sustainable Development was accredited, through ParisTech, for which it is the official observer delegation at the United Nations, to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC-COP 15) in Copenhagen in December 2009.

An interview of Nadia MAÏZI was conducted by journalist Edie LUSH for broadcast via CNN’s iReport, and YouTube.

The Chair also organised a side event, the only French event selected in the international arena, on the theme of “Beyond the financial crisis: regional energy policy and global carbon constraints”.


This side event aims to bring novel insights about the most appropriate climate architecture to coordinate local and national policies and measures in order to lower GHGs emissions in a context of financial crisis. It will rely on iteration between:

  • the latest climate policy and technology scenarios carried out by the ParisTech Chair Modeling for Sustainable Development, scenarios reflecting the financial crisis impacts on mitigation objectives for the 2050 horizon, and latest national Copenhagen announcements on mitigation issues;
  • national and regional scenarios and policy insights given by leading experts from Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin, that consider the transition towards a low carbon intensive development pathways.

Based on their experience of national policies and of the international process (the Kyoto Protocol, Den Hagen, Marrakech, post-2012 negotiations, the EU energy and environmental package), the Panel Experts will discuss how the current financial crisis changes (in a positive or negative way) the basic pre-conditions to be fulfilled to reach a global agreement in a near future.

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