COP26: Glasgow (United-Kingdom) 2021

Image credit: © UK Government Side Event  100% renewable energy system: a credible target? 10 novembre 2021 de 16h45 à 18h – Room South Downs (Multimedia Studio 1) This side event is organized by ParisTech through its Chair Prospective modeling for sustainable development directed by the Centre for Applied Mathematics from [...]

COP25 CHILE : Madrid (Spain) 2019

Image credit: © Ministry of the Presidency - Government of Spain Side event: Considering social acceptance in the energy transition of states December 12th 2019 -  6:30pm-8:00pm - Room 6 This side event is organized by ParisTech, through its Chair Prospective modeling for sustainable development with the participation of the [...]

COP24 : Katowice (Poland) 2018

Image credit: © Ministry of the Energy. Government of Poland Side event : Redirecting financial flows towards an equitable low carbon transition: sovereign guarantees needed Friday 7th December 2018 - 16:45-18:15 UNFCCC PAVILION (Bug room) Program This event will discuss how to redirect financial flows to achieve a 1°5 C [...]

COP23 : Bonn (Germany) 2017

Image credit: © COP23 Side event: Islands and low carbon pathways Thursday November 16th 2017 - 16:30-18:00 CITIES & REGIONS PAVILION Program In most small island developing states, energy needs are still dependent on imported fossil fuels even though domestic renewable energy sources can meet their energy needs. Experts will [...]

COP22 : Marrakech (Maroc) 2016

Image credit: © COP22 Side event: combating climate change and in Mediterranean and African countries and in the Middle East November 7th 2016 , 16:45-18:15 Room Pacific Program This side event is co-organized by ParisTech, registered as RINGO (Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organization to the United Nations) through its Chair [...]

COP21 : Paris (France) 2015

Image credit: © COP21 Side event : Industrial contributions to long-term decarbonation strategies December 11th, from 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm, room 1 Under the patronage of Ségolène ROYAL, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy This side event is proposed by ParisTech, registered as a RINGO (non-governmental research institution observer [...]

COP20 : Lima (Peru) 2014

Image credit: © COP20 Side event: The Need and Challenge of Ambitious Climate-Energy Strategies at the Urban Scale December 2nd 2014 - 1pm-3:30pm - European Pavilion Program The involvement of local communities in tackling climate change and promoting sustainability is increasingly recognized as central and readily visible through [...]

COP19 : Varsovie (Poland) 2013

Image credit: © COP19 Side event: The challenges of applying intelligent solutions in the energy and climate revolution European Pavilion This first side-event highlighted the fact that the fight against climate change required rethinking production methods, uses or systems in relation to the strategic deployment of intelligent solutions. Nadia MAÏZI, [...]

COP18 : Doha (Qatar) 2012

Image credit: © COP18 Side event : Smart, Sustainable and Low-Carbon growth of electricity systems November 27th 2012 - European Pavilion Program This side event aims to highlight and analyze the challenges and complexity of planning low-carbon electrical systems. It focused on the technically plausible and sustainable options that could [...]

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